LightLab Project


LightLab Project is a collaborative experience to design an educational game, which is open to the participation of teachers, pedagogues, psychologists and other specialists in the field of education.

Project participants give their opinion on various improvements and extensions of a game for tablets and smatphones that Inkubica Labs has developed. The game, called LightLab, is a simulation of optical phenomena that help learning concepts such as reflection and refraction of light using gamificación techniques.

We not only want to improve the learning experience of a single game, we want to draw lessons for the entire school community and apply them to the next generation of educational games.

Crowdsourcing in LightLab Project

LightLab Project collaborators give feedback and suggest improvements on different aspects of the game, such as:

- Usability and navigation. The rules of the games has to be learned without manual assistance.

- Additional texts: an educational game is not a textbook, but maybe is needed some written information that explains in more depth the optical phenomena simulated in the game.

- Scoring criteria and difficulty of each exercise to jump to higher game levels.

- Collaborative / competitive dynamics among students.

- Teacher or parent participation in the game.

- Dashboard features for teachers, parents and students.

- How to integrate the use of this game in a classroom.

- Personalized learning patterns based on student profile, to allow the game has different paths for each student.

- etc.

Professionals, educational publishers and educational institutions who want to participate in the Project LightLab should contact us (tomas.martinez @

LightLab Project young betatesters: 

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